after an interval of more than twelve years. The first

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Pythagorean diet, such as is prescribed by the stricter orders of

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was about half its original size. The patient moved

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pneumonia, when in reality it belonged to the catarrhal variety.

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plants, certain powders, as ipecac, tobacco, etc., excite an irritation of

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Dr. G. B. Wood holds the opinion that an inherent predispo-

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further show that there was no great pleural adhesion or peri-

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Among the painful affections of the abdominal viscera

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there is a hernia of the spleen, due to a wound, the

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M. & S. J., 1887, cxvii, 528-530. Also, Reiiiiiit.— Nilzc

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ovoid in shape and about almond size, where the wasp

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organized lyniph deposits; the anterior crucial ligament was

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he dill not take the quinine on August 22d, as directed.

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iuthor is particularly clear and P^f^ical. "here otcei

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nolds. E.. 565, 575: the treatment of puerperal septic peritonitis,

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scribe both iron and bark, alternately with their cathartics.

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disease, but I have ha<l no experience with them.

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portion of the urethra was in this case, no doubt, of small

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one of the most effective medicines we have ever used for

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securing strict asepsis. Not infrequently can the true source of infection be

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ill about a month. Up to the present time (four years

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return, and that phthisis rapidly develops. Haemoptysis is to be dif-

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until what are euphemistically called "constitutional symptoms"

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screws, wire and plates. The third case was fracture of the surgical

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any &vourable influence over its course. Iodine, arsenic, and strychnia