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" This*is sufficient, I think," says the reporter, "to show, that the class

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Typhoid Fever.— This patient was a coloured girl ; the case as trequentlv

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eases. It is a matter of the commonest experience for

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expounder and able defender of phrenological science." Identified as he is,

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It is not true that auscultation only detects fully formed diseases. Its

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tically every great epidemic among human beings has

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fainting was not followed by any bad symptom, and the operation -was ter-

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in times of trouble. Good evidence of this is given in

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the normal salt solution into the cellular tissue is of great aid

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of tuberculosis is rather long and somewhat bent; this

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From this area as a center, the subcutaneous tissue, some-

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properly arises from the instructive nature and character of the medical tes-

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murmur or peculiarity, except that perhaps it beats over a somewhat larger

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their fears over the prospect of being cut. In one woman I

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turned outwards. The first, however, was the most common deformity,

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paper entitled "Some of the Certainties and Uncertainties in

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Casb 8. — Mrs. Q., a tall, pale, neurotic, small-waisted woman

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We realize also that our work should be directed to the

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previous to that on which the Gazette Medicale came to hand, which con-

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conditions treated with desyrel

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board acceded to this and appointed' a distinguished lawyer to

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to the Chair of Clinical Medicine; Dr. Paine to the Chair of Theory and

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the epithelial labyrinth is formed the fibrous portion

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accident cast s, and that a protest was made by other hospitals.

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ton Martin, M.D., and William H. Rockwell, Jr., A.B., M.D.,

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took place an hour and a half after the self-administration of the poison.

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lief, requesting removal of the offending spleen, which was

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formation, in regard to diet for the mother, before and after