medico-legal point of view, for here we find None, however, has been found. The sinus
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prefer the albuminate of mercury (sapodermin) which if
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tlin. Wchnscbr., 1887, xxiv, 568- 571. — .Schauta ( F. )
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adviser. " If you are sick consult your physician." We
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cases analyzed by Pollock, the fingers were more or less clubbed in 654,
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out ; and the earlier you commence the treatment, the
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pleurisy, pressure on the vagus at the affected apex, or to some as yet
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with unsuccessful result) performed. Once on the middle of
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The same is true of the capillaries. Although they are not contractile
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was curable, and as a civilized community it was our
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Ulceration of these parts very frequently takes place (in enteric fever and
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into the chest, which varied in different sultjects, from nine to forty-four cubic
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cells of the body and invading cells, we are then in a
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Navy, for Dr. Girdner's telephone probe, recalls to
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supply is cut off, just the same as a tree would die if the roots
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The term "avrav examination" as used here denotes an exami-
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Give a little Castor Oil, i teaspoonful. After giving the Oil
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sequent upon the increased expansion of the lungs ; and all the
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buildings. The knowledge thus gained is of a very practi-
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arrested, the colic gradually ceases and disappears. The stone
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The triangular sub-puhic ligament is immediately under the
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sound by deafness. If the finger is drawn across the body,
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ogy at the Colombia University (College of Physicians and Surgeons),
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them with paper clips, or mount them on cardboard. Drawings
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ulcer may be complicated by cancer of the stomach. In fact, some writers
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is practically worked by the Poor-law physicians (a vastly superior class to their
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acetone. If this vice of metabolism is unchecked, the alka-
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In June, 1908, this Association held its second annual meet-
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Lohilar jjneumonitis is also frequently called catarrhal pneumonia from
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I shall deem myself fortunate if I can in any measure supply the want which is felt in this respect.
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acid. One of the objects in eating but little, is not to use the
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not be in too great a hurry to insert the tube, but should hold
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and in the best type of women this feeling can hardly be wondered at,
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This method, as will be noticed, is not intended to give us the exact
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considerably increased in size in very vigorous men,
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The child made a rapid recovery after the operation, and I