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Treatment. — Local. — Any bite or open wound which may have come
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raises hopes which are, however, but seldom realised. Delirium is rarely
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food should be given during the primary fever ; later, an ounce or two of
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remain endemic and continue to give rise to the disease for a long period
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.'h! ■ ; , ■ ,■• .■ ■^^^. ""'"'' *° "'^''^"'^ ^^^ °'^ shot-gun mixture of drugs;
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than atrophic cases, those with palpitation and other urgent signs of
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throat. It IS wise to caution the patient to wash out the mouth with water or
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not so suitable owing to its tendency to encourage suppuration while
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tion of methods suggested above holds out a definite prospect of cure in
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in childhood such as otitis media, bronchitis and common feed-
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ruined his nervous syst^^ni, and I should not wonder if a good many
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marking the beginning of inflammation of the peritoneum, the patient
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It then becomes thickened, contracted, adherent to the intestine and
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{a) treatife of tht Operations of Surgery ; Intro Ju^hny chap. Hi.
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more than once lives have been lost from tetanus after quinine injections.
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comprehends the rump, haunches, tail, buttocks, ftiffle, thighs,
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infants, the bones readily bend, in consequence of a deficiency of mineral
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oedema may come and go. At the same time there is profuse sweating,
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Ewes-faiiteri.very faft near their pregnancy, becaufe
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vomiting, fever, and in a few hours jaundice ; and, to show how sudden the
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