of io4°F. or more may be attained on the first day of the disease. In

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case of pyffimia. Bloody expectoration appears in a few days after the

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A few of the patients died, though from the novelty and fatal

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that with regard to the general mortality, the age of the

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liquid food, and by rest, particularly in children. Great

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these deposits most frequently precede the development of the

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tural action in some organs, while they prove perfectly inert in others,

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which the sole remnant of the empyema is a carious rib, into a cavity

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or to a constrained position ; but often no obvious cause can be detected.

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producing a typical symptom itself. Quite often grand old nature comes

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extensive destruction of the bone, and when local adhesions of the mem-

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on's syringe has a bulb at its extremity and injects back-

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during the period of florescence, could, with greater reason, be attributed

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bastard ; does even a bird or a beast have young ones without

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t6^ce-ra8). [Gr. <)i/>/ia skin -f-i^poc nom.] See

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curvature from which the lymphatics pass upward and to the

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region, with the prospect of an average income of from

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had an opportunity to assert themselves. The opium was slowly with-

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unaware until later of Willan's discovery, described iris independently

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port " Burnside," now at this port, to Fort Hamilton, N. Y. H.,

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it employs Arabic figures instead of Roman numerals ; it assures the

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lessened by transfusion. Moreover, it seems quite certain

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the lower jaw and floor of the mouth, attended with severe

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for uterine fibromyomata during the same decade (fifty-one per cent).

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acidity, but no gas. Dubius, or Kruse group. Represented by:

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ful reading and a place in the library. All branches of

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crowd, and the crowd wiU be ready to appreciate and

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other lesions. They were usually situated at the pupil-

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prominent, might bo satisfied to accept the English dictum, i

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or (b) evidence of the satisfactory completion of prerequisites for the courses desired.

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The Practical Application of the Rontgen Rays in Ther-

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have aroused your interest in its progress, my object will

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twentieth year ; certain groups of muscles are prone to the

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quently the aggregated glands are affected ; and the ulceration, in

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is not — the degree given for this should be Bachelor

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