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this form of disease whose cases I have narrated might

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moderate violence as far as England. While its vast migrations seem

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less serious errors of diagnosis. The pain of early hip

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assistance of previous notes and prescriptions. It occasionally happens

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Dilute Muriatic Acid agrees better with the digestive organs than

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number of reprints in this country has been largely due to

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physicians has pointed out in his Therapeutics and Materia

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The Society reassembled and was called to order by the Presi

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chlorid. He describes the apparatus which he has devised for

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that a relation may be traced between the intensity of bacterial irritation

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the iliacus psoas pectineus adductor brevis and longus muscles. The

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HARRISON ALLEN M D Prof of Comparative Anatomy in University of Penna.

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ported. His eyes appear large in comparison to his thin emaci

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to the school doctor the parturient woman to the new

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mechanical appliances lead to measures looking toward

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quickened breath then a swaying of the whole body then the persons

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within the last two months. He denies any other symptoms.

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application of a poultice. The trifling loss of blood thus sustained

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the entrance of flying insects from tlie month of June until December

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sores and the growing of the fiesh over the nails. It also

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pendently of ourselves our business or it may be our inclinations

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