House-Surgeon, including five years' residence, and attendance on
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of Mr. De Morgan, and received very warmly. Amongst the other
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power to enforce upon such unions and districts the proper performance
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ances, and where he will find a large, powerful, and sympathetic audience. C. J.
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such, they will be regarded with interest and satisfaction.
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should be responsible to the general meetings of the .\ssociation for
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of the prayer embodied in the petition of your direct representation
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inferior one. The patient remarked that all he swallowed flowed. the
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clusively that a careful student can get through his Oxford career for a
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themselves with the Committees, he proceeded to state that he had, in
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Sterilita : Casi Clinici del Cav. Dottor M. De-Cristoforis. Milano : 1S70.
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immersed in boiling water, and subsequently in water containing car-
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sense, it has just as much reason for existence as a hypothetical
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among the vulgar ; their crafty dealings in the matter of wills ; their
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in discriminating proper from improper objects of the charity. They
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at any rate, for his part — who had had something to do with drawing
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English ones, being somewhat wider. They are the regulation tents
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above described, with a little hydrochloric acid. The bird suffered no
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a few minutes, but again unsuccessfully. An incision was made in the
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from the contractions and pain ; a mixture containing the ainmomo-
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Case iv (Mr. Bowman's). — ^James Kemp, aged 55, for forty years a
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guarding himself distinctly against any dis.ipproval of such regulations
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could not be had, for the Government could not dispense with any they
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Examination cannot present himself for re-examination until after the
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REETH UNION, Yorkshire— Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator for Mukcr
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General Hospital. — .'Vt 4.30 P.M. Chair to be taken, and meeting to
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tection of the red-cross flag, and which neutralise alike the wounded,
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Examinations are held at the termination of the Session, /^tv— Nine
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who were not convalescent within fifteen days of commencing the treat-
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vice of these officers being dispensed with, the medical branch of the
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Waterloo, did they profit by the experience gained in the wars against
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on the modes of recognising the qualities and adulterations of food, and
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Bxaviinaiion for Honours. — Any Candidate who has been placed in
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matters or professional morals in an introductory lecture. Having, how-
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In conclusion, permit me to express the opinion that only by the ele-
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very able report omits to enumerate the medical profession among those
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waggons, horses, etc. In England, the term is frequently, but errone-
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tended, for three months, instruction in Practical Pharmacy. The
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tice be continued for at least eighteen months subsequently to his passing the First