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1. That the majority were under thirty years of age ;
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and tonsils were somewhat injected, but no trace of false membrane could be
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two recent contributions to the literature of the subject. One
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instances of weakly children or those suffering with or convalescing
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and other experiences of the same kind were exceptional. Our early
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Prescribing and Treatment for Infants and Children.
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near objects." Lawrence, without exactly defining the term in a
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with mercury and carbolic plaster, pure carbolic acid and uranium
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materially by alcohol. Then why should we depress a cell
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showed that there was ossification of the valves of the heart and aorta, and!
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phous, as some authors maintain, for, upon examining it immediately
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infants, due directly or indirectly to improper ali-
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but from the tearing apart of the approximated alveolar walls by the
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