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ance as in ejiidemic inliiienza, and the spread of these infections

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digesting semisolid food is greatly enhanced by the cold-bath treatment.


he compared the hydriatic with the medicinal treatment of various

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other. But finding many objections to it, which are referred to on

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(2) Tuberculosis of the Ureter and Bladder. — This is almost always

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confinement, who suffered from mitral stenosis, and whose heart

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may be interrupted by slight irregularities or fresh exacerbations. The

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the skin, and may be employed ; before the days of hydrotherapy it was

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attack tends to increase the frequency of relapse. In persons over fifty

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surgeon, did. Gross thought inflammation, as a rule, should

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monly called " grip," a word which has been engrafted on

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means of- a swab. The object of local treatment is a more thorough

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strictly in accordance with Brand's rules, except that the abdominal

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It is not to my purpose here to speak particularly of alcohol.

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(6) by apoplectic features, (c) by bilious vomiting. Nose-bleed sometimes

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in the interscapular space if the subject be not too stout, though slight

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proportion of these patients may be treated in a standing-position,

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ladies endeavoring to reduce their avoirdupois, for over-

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of Roberts's liquor pancreaticus, with twenty grains of bi-

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as a measure of the efficacy of any plan of treatment is notoriously

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have pinned their faith to hot drinks and resulting liot .sweats.

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Published on the 20th of each month for the succeeding month. Address

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necessary to move the introduced portion back and forth. This, how-

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factors in rendering the human race vulnerable to the tubercle

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tribute to the maintenance of strength and endurance during fever

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the northern States of our own country. Temperature, per se. consti-

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removed to hospital and constant supervision exercised in their

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pear to act as local balance wheels of the circulation. It would also

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and other organs have been detailed in the Clinical History.

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tro])hy. niay leail to thyroid feeding and some eventual benefits;

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and upon their exact execution may depend success or failure. The

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The cells contain an abundance of fat, whilst their nuclei have lost, in

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tiated from it. As Ave are able to diagnose measles by its appearance

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gives exit to the hot water. The object of this tub is to afford the pa-

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men engaged in educational work among the deaf and dumb,

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ment of muscular capacity. The effect of the douche upon muscles

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it is ineffective and there is present a high fever with decided nervous

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