case to bring about dislocation. The conditions which render these

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speculum. This examination, if thoroughly made, will reveal the pres-

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theoretical grounds it is improbable that either method could do good,

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delayed. The tertiary symptoms are announced by chronic inflamma-

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The condyle is drawn from its normal position, chiefly by the external

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glands, skin, connective tissues, bone, eye, and nervous system. The

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formed. In some instances the surrounding connective-tissue and lym-

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lymphatics is imperfect, the softened tissue becomes converted into a thick

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Haversian canals, seem to be equally affected. The cancellous part of

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and is attended by a choking sensation ; opisthotonos is very common.

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surface. AVith the ])erspiration there will he a fall of one or two degrees

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1. The splint must be well padded. The padding is best made by

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slowed perceptibly until finally it actually stops (stasis), then the liquid

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integrate or the haemoglobin escapes without rupture of the capillary walls.

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smoothness of the epigastrium, witii, perhaps, some bulging of the ensi-

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of the bladder often give rise to an abdominal tumor reaching as high as.

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insensible to light in many cases. Vertigo, dizziness, noises in the head, partial and even complete deaf-

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5. Eelapsing or recurrent, where the disease relapses or recurs at

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the effort at urination. The bladder becomes thickened and hyper-

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• Emaciation is perhaps more marked and rapid in this than in any other

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quinine, nux vomica, and sirups of the phosphates are often beneficial.

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after ingestion of food, while in hepatic cancer the pain and gastric symp-

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lows over-distention of the capillary vessels of the bronchial membrane.

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ing, headache, optic neuritis, spasms, and paralysis. Epileptiform seiz-

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lants to the metabolic changes ; and later, when fibrous tissue is being

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• Cohnheim and Weigert state that the micrococci in the vesicles are the contagious, specific elements.

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insufficiency, or from visceral complications. When the radial impulse is

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be antero-posterior curvature of the spine, which gives to this class of pa-

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the young rather tluiii ill lioulthy ])orsons in the prime of life. In almost

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preceded by careful cleansin<^ by means of spriiys or the syrin<,'e. Specilic

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