of the growth was removed for microscopical examination and Dr.

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readily extend throughout it, cause rupture of a dental sac, and

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every regiment. He issued an order most absolutely forbid-

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the line of the nipple absolute dulness, and complete absence of breath sounds and

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object to recommend, is one of considerable power ; and that

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This has repeatedly proved a cause of sudden death in cases in which the

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stands as the work of the group of distinguished authors, as a whole. The book is

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phrenological philosophers, as unworthy of the serious attention of men

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never met with a patient born in that country who has been the

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created "by education in a special series of movements.

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in a third, ichthyol was applied ; in a fourth, the ichthyol

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is withdrawn to prevent its rejection. If quinine or

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previous one. Dr. Veiel of Cannstadt, Germany, has published

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Books sent postpaid to any address upon receipt of price Catalogue upon request .

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William M. Welch, in the course of a visit to Allegheny

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the same amount of mental clearness as that shown by patients suffering

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persons was slow in appearing, and, if the stinging process was

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by the seasons, British statistics show more cases in winter than during

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the same species than that of the non-burnt parts of the

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York for the treatment of severe neurasthenia of years' dura-

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Artificial Cultivatioyi. — Growth is extreinoly slow; faintly acid media

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termining the magnifying power of the microscope, I would

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ment and overw^ork of the digestive apparatus; the stomach and bov^els

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the evaporation of fluids in vacuo, with substances calculated

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(2) For per-oral tracheo-bronchoscopic explorations where there is

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14,000 are supposed to have perished. Clot Bey estimates the

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cut made by a very sharp instrument, especially if it is in the direction of

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doses of one, two, and three grains, two or three times daily,

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return of the symptoms till aboul twelve months ago, when she was again seized with

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intestinal antiseptics are indicated are (1) for tlie arrest of

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for example, in the genera Thelohania, Pleistophora, and Gurleya.

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treatment. I am by no means incredulous of the salutary opera-