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and entirely, the offensive smell of twenty grains of the tersulphide, dis-

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bones of on animal, cip^ht months after it was administered. (Med,

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Thus, in one type of study animals have been exposed to cold under

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is as little doubt that it has not unfrequently given way under the use of

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that you could put your finger on. Let's say it is the function

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can with truth affirm that by advising persons to lay aside

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experimentally infected tissues. Ann. Surg, 120: 716.

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the system made a demand upon the stomach, and it, excited

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are given for preparing it from calcined bones. (See U. 8. DiKyenmUory^

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wmids which the carrent of force is directed, the positive.

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takes plaet^ in the exercise of the functions. It is much more probable

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obviate its ill. and protract its beneficial eifccts as far as posf^ible. This

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been found efficient, not only in arresting the diarrhoea, but also in cor-

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yam. 3d. Legumens — bean, pea. 4th. Fruits — chesnut, bread

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immediately, the instrument should be at once withdrawn. It has been

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Uood becomes equably impregnated, and the least possible shock is pro-

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the growth of this root, which might, with greater advantage

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spectacles, and of the tricks of jugglers. It is from the same

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Meals. — The word meal, or diet, is applied to certain pe-

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sent to the internal parts,, and hence the intestines were dried

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the system, with a view to remedial effect, they operate most s|)eedily

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The mode of preparing, and the properties of this compound, will be

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not its wealth, nor the number of its schools ; not

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and iron bars ? On the other hand, scan the history

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all quite distinct in their botanical affinities, inhabiting widely distant

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A strong solution of pcrcbloride of iron having come into extensive I

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only give to the inhabitant of the north a feeling of comfort

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draining or irrigation, by the extension of cultivation, and

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action of zymosan added to the levels obtainable by cold exposure

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becomes bitterish and herbaceous, and leaves a slight sense of acrimony

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l>etter adapted than acute rhfiumaiism. After two or three days given

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B0W ^encsmCnr rtt^TtrtL ulTe {aiI csuxifiksL^ of lw& fKtry addfe, the okrk anc

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a yellowish liquid, heavier than water, of a penetrating peculiar odour,

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alone feel the need of keeping abreast of the times,

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is said to be an excellent excipient. The caution should be strictly ob-

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during their sleep, from the great relaxation which it pro-

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the alcoh(»l exclusively than in the others, unless the brain be exc<?pted

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the profession. This result of observation has been singularly confirmed