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changes which may be generally present throughout the system.
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adopts 13'5 centimeters, = 5 inches, as the standard. The oblique
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Academy of Medicine, exhibiting the general results of the vaccinations and re-
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2d mo. (Feb.) 6th, I performed the operation in the presence of my
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" That the practical religion of the day, the real p^uiding-gospel of
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similar specimens, generally in the neighbourhood of the lateral
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that the disease prevails in Corfu between the latitudes 39^ 2&
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We fancy the draft our forefathers avoided in practice
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should be burned or otherwise disinfected at the end of a
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tion of the lining of the gall-sac or the lining of the gall-
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Unfortunately, it b insoluble, and must, therefore, be
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juice," and "meat-juice" is unlike "milk-juice," but the
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the eyes, especially on motion; pain in the loins and joints. Venesection
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visible changes of form and colour when heated, from which changes
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next day, they repaired to dandier, where Laffarge had iron works. His
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M. Rouget then proceeds to consider the existence of fibrillar
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until a thick black smoke begins to escape from the whole mass. After
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arsenious acid is wholly free ; and it is but reasonable to suppose
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"cold sores," and cause considerable sensitiveness to
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a fusing of the past through a new mould into the future ; in