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which has frequently followed exploratory cceliotomy. A large number of

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unattached to surrounding viscera. In several of these

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artificial media. Neither of these characteristics however in some

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especially applicable to such cases. The free border of mucosa is

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tous infiltration of the entire mucous membrane with its glands caus

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patient beats her breast with strains and struggles beyond the

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Complete facilities for evaluation of and intensive treatment of psychiatric patients in

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of the serum by either method is followed by the restitution of the

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Within twenty four hours a patch fully ten inches in diameter

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developed in which are multitudes of nuclei and coi pora amylacea. Pig

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uterus with forceps and drawn down thirty inches of intestine. Nothing

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Qouty patients the bad effects of fits of anger in them defcribed

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It was formerly said to be idiopathic. They generally arise from carious

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ment this phenomenon occurs only when the one is specifically adapted

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accomplished more than any other means. Preventive inoculations

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accompanying them are simpl indications of slight lacera

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Note. T Q above five sections of the Programme were passed over for

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yellow fever in Cuba. Prior to the Spanish war the disease was endemic

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unattached to surrounding viscera. In several of these

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tions was never made out. An attitude of apprehensiveness an

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trouble and often prescribes pepsin and aromatic sulphuric acid

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structure in the former instance is very much lessened.

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as well as its indications and before a program of therapy

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itretehed. Possibly this is accomplished but the greatest ad

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branches ascribed to the otic ganglion however probable

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constructed by vital action of micro organisms and composed in

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labored the act of inspiration is slower than in health and expiration is

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belladonna if the eyes are inflamed watery and sensitive to light and for

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free hand and mechanical drawing should be inaugurated the first year.

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porcelain fillings. Before introducing any filling material the carious

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ing in the cartilaginous septum. The nose is now increased in

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indigestion our chief concern is wuth conditions which in