its own course of instruction or that of some bodj recognised by the

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genesis of hysterical conditions. In such cases it is not the physical injury

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ander tlie obBenration of tlie student. The large niuuber of patients

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siderate of others, more selfish in the gratification of his own whims, and

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paralyses by the greater atrophy, and especially by the electrical reaction of

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In the two preceding chapters on hemorrhage and embolic softening of

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M., Tu., 4:30-5:30, Wells; Winter, Bailey, Cannon, Humphreys.

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be stated that marked gastrointestinal disturbance may occur. Cases of this

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factorily. Calcium chloride may be added to milk to assist -the rennin in foming the

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tion. Students of the third year are appointed to assist the physicians

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rarely, however, reaches such a high degree of stupor as is so often seen in

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attendance fees are recoverable. Certain bodies, it is true, grant

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involvement of the arm muscles. — K.]. Paralysis of the laryngeal muscles

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able. Closing the eyes, as a rule, aggravates the swaying only very little, inas-

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Persons desirous of receiving a six months' certificate of attendance^

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is said to occur chiefly in focal disease of the posterior extremity of the in-

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dealing with the practical work in toxicology and materia medica. Autumn and Spring,

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latter half of the first year (Escherich). Poor general hygienic conditions

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important matters, but to trifles. He will become agitated and disturbed and

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processes in tbe spinal cord. In addition to cutaneous sensibility, that of the

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his expense hire the USOA to participate jointly In the relnspectlon.

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(basal symptoms, apoplectic seizures, immobility of the pupil, etc.).

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their examination on chemistry may be admitted to the examinations

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5. No hospital is recognised which contains less than eighty beds.

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The paralysis is not perfectly symmetrical. There is also paralysis of the ex-

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£3 3s. [" First year's students of the College who do not require a

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daily Clinical instruction in the out-patients' departments and the

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lateral sclerosis. For one class of cases we believe we may assume a congenital

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any peculiar system of medicine, are considered irregular, and are not

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ing") by means of persistence in repeating them as they are uttered by an-

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of one or two commissioners outside the official body.

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short intervals with tincture of myrrh or tincture of rhatany. The absorption

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main reservoir for glycogen. It gives this off to the muscles in the form of