Important Artitle.— Mr. William Paul Gerhard, C. E., in the Sani-

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bined with its vagal quality, gives to the pulse its so-called " bound-

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consideration, had placed before the medical public a

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from which they had not recovered. I can only recall one case of

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He was called to see E. , aet. seventy-four. May ig,

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autogenous, the result of faulty metabolism, or whether introduced from with-

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results from excessive anaisthesia producing a tendency to para-

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Pleuritic friction, except that variety simulating intrapulmonary rales,

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(3) Proprietary foods, whether containing starch or not, and made

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(6) Duodenojejunal hernia, a protrusion of ])art of the jejunum into the

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Ei'liar<l (J[ulin.s]) [18-27-7:?]. Vaderuecum fiir

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of the arc, the bacilli gradually disappear from the sputum,

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asks to have it again, when it has been intermitted.

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about through the nervous system actuating one or more of its divi-

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water. This treatment should be given and managed by a physician.

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patients seldom occurs without previous warning. Perforation

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tion, but simply noted that the uterus felt hard, as if

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such an extent that if the growth return, hemorrhage is

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when the air-pressure diminishes they are unable to accommodate theniselv»

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by localised basal meningitis. It may also be involved, in common with

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Brother, when recently you carelessly »or carefully read the

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pand by heat, in the case of water near the freezing point ; it ex-

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oompanying rapidly-growing tumors are not unfreqUently absent in

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oedematous and cervical canal round. I used everything I

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Nearly 60 years ago the first valuable contribution to this

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to the public, by introducing an inferior class of Practitioners,

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These facts are sufficient to justify the abrogation of large

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ever been obliged to work so hard. Until recently, when we went to an insti-

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auricle will, then commence, and with and through it the

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But the ephelis is unknown by most persons, which is nothing more than a cer-

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often a thickening of tbe uterine walls, to be explained by congestion in most

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benefits primarily when given before sepsis occurs. There

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kiAcient supply of blood from disease of the vessels, and, thus produced,

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things which are classed in the books on dietetics as pos-

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of the ovary. As we shall point out a little later, it is extremely rare to be able

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hitherto been in a capricious frame of mind that has excited the uneasi-

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the opening of any of the accessory cavities could be discov-

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it has been continually varying towards the west, so that in the year

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served any unpleasant local effects from the use of this solution. If the

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ising power of certain substances ; and as the red corpuscles

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We ourselves described* as a sequel of influenza certain peculiar

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