Wade H. Brown and L. Pearce. Chemopathological studies with
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longed applications of Faradic currents of high tension and local
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produces an intense cold and a superficial freezing
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to 60 per cent, of all cases. McLeod found it present in thirty-
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When we think of the miracles that are being performed around
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have been to any man in whom he placed his trust. He was am-
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on the Eio Grande by the Texas authorities and the Marine Hospi-
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fatty degeneration. Gall bladder contained about three drachms of
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taken a little nourishment in form of coSee and milk.
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modation tests. Hearing in right ear greatly impaired, almost nil; ap-
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The examination of this contention is beyond the scope of the
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Third year students who fail in either Medicine or Surgery
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5. That acute gastric ulcer heals equally well whether the
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reaction word denotes some outstanding visible quality of the object
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He had been President of the American Medical Editors' Associa-
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or grains. A single minim raised to the 6x dilution would amount
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II. Lecture or Clinic. Dr. Crowe, Wednesday, 3.30 to
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Tuesday, from 3 to 5 p. m., in the Hunterian Laboratory.
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Upon motion of Dr. H. P. Bellows, D'r. Leary was given a rising vote of
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Digestive System. Evolution of the treatment of cancer of the rectum,
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this date when she complained of earache, left ear. No other
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ciate in Pediatrics, the Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1889-1909.
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vacuum or suction method of sweeping has not been car-
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from diphtheria in the state for three years, which
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ored profession, were respectively the first and second Presidents of
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amining and treating under supervision cases of incipient
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ance with Latin and a reading knowledge of French and
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is overflowing with matters of the utmost importance, and ex-
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attention and threatened to usurp its place ; but since the discovery
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and served this institution in this capacity for twelve years, being
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tablished, on the basis of courses already given, for the
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*Clarence Chipley Porter. Baltimore. 2054 Woodberry Av.
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house for which our fathers laid the foundation for the benefit of
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Museum, the Library of Congress, the Library of the Sur-
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foreign authors and investigators. Arranged, with critical
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approval. He would adopt the suggestions for experiments to find a
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tion as the vagina. Above the mouth of the neck — from which a
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anatomy, 268; Rose, W., a manual of surgery, 566; Sanlee, H. E ,
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Arthur D. Hirsciifelder. An experiment for training students in
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element of nutrition of the animal, mineral, and vegetable kingdoms.
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No physician can afford to be indifferent regarding the accurate filling of his prescription.
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Medicine, Elementary and Advanced (for Graduates) 93
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asthmatic and hay fever patients. — Ibid., 1917, xxxvn, 287.