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miprbt be owing to a sympalhetic impression extended from the stomach ;
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and streptomycin during hypothermia. This combination was found
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ing, and in the suspended animation in newly-born children.
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2° C(P) and 21° C(NP) following intraperitoneal injection.
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blood-making functions, may favour the development of gout.
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Figure 11. Effect of grouping (5 mice/group) on average temperatures of mice
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chemical grounds. Only one compound of carbonic acid and iron is
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cfioiifiriaHiH, functional apoplexy, letanufi, periodical headache, vene'
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fMrtiallT deared. instead of lemuniDgr moist as it dix^ in favoorahle
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rm very high reputation; but, no matter what may lie the seat of the co
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besides, the effects it produces directly on the stomach and bowels, which
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affected, or to augment any existing irritation or inflammation. But in
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Archipelago, New Guinea, and an immense extent of sea.
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some butter and curd. It always contains almost the whole
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class, has additional powers which serve to rank it in another. In such
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to survival following challenge as compared to singly-caged mice.
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fusion has been used very successfully by some practitioners
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whole diminish the amount of the excretions; and that by the wearing
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paroxyici^ io long as the remedy acts. liC ifi the mean time, the cause
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tmeoos i^jedion is wholly diflieient from those of Dr. Wood and Mr.
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Hippocrates and others amongst the ancients, and by many
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but though this must weaken the stomach, yet tea contains
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not confined to the house during the day, munh advantage will often
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membranes of the eye and the air passages, and to have produced serious
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system, He must know equally well the state of his patient's
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ftrachnoid membrane, there \h scarcely a chance of safety; becAQae,
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cold water should be freely and steadily applied to the head, and sina-
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turity under the burning heat of the tropics contain not only
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ican Pennyroynl, HorMtmint^ Marjoram, Thyme^ Sage, Batm^ Partridge Berry, Oiw
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pected results from the use of the mercurial pre[>arations. In more than
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moisture, the dryness, caloric, and motion of the air, by
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of hematosin itself is Tariable; for the hematosin, it is fixed, the combination being
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lescence of remittent fevers, and of various affections of the primse viae,
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salmonellosis. Additional studies will be required, however, before
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eircumstances. {Pharm. Joum. and TVoiit., July, 1859, p. 4\.)—Note to iht eecond
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Varieties of— Vapour Bath— Uses of — Dry Warm Bath— Uses of — Precau-
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or five grains in the fiuidoonco, has been employed with the effect of pro-
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mucilaginous or amylaceous liquid, as flax-seed tea or solution of starch.
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abundant Simple fever, or even inflammation, does not always forbid
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portion of syrup, in a bottle, previously heated to 212^, and then adding