swab to remove mechanically at least some ^^^ endogenous. The characteristic true

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Special note -Oral contraceptives have been marketed in the United

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ments were used. There was complete P^^ient and a minimum of care, labor and

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Carbonic acid, influence of on the sexual organs 729

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organs were affected in 59 cases and only one organ in 12

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years during which the Public Health Service has been

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groins. There was slight albuminuria and no fever. After three weeks the

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The Son of a Star, a semi-historical story drawn in the first century.

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patient wallow in her dirty clothes for a week. They undoubt-

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bers in their relations to each other and to the public." — Constitution and

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twenty-four hours, by the hands, towels, pillows, or what not ; it then

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that there had been no fracture at all. He had also seen

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down. The pylorus, as stated, was perfectly rigid and incapable

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for the domestic origin of yellow fever, as an argu-

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to fatigue, complains of pains called rheumatism, or suffers from a nervous

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exuded on cutting into the follicles. The soft palate

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dominal cavity, and drainage, with complete recovery.

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Ciiristides (A.) nTW(rts tou ai^w ^A€</)apou ; ^ledoSoi

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The spreading variety, persisting often for weeks, prob-

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kept as cool as possible, and to have its hair cut short ; also to be given a

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1842, and 1862 — ^ycars remarkable for diversity rather than uniformity

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he has given his best labor, and which he therefore

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covered with common or coarse salt or Indian meal. If the stain

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long continued bodily labor raises the blood-pressure. Karren-

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ever thicker and stronger than their pioneers the fore ones.

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This slander on the profession was published first about a

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type ; and this number included 20 out of 25 cases of cerebral haemor-

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cumulative, and may soon render restoration to perfect brain health

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in the same place by an intestinal hernia, which has

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equipped laboratory. It is impracticable that every case be referred

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intestinal tract, or are perhaps produced elsewhere; (2) to secrete bile;

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much in the same way that a finger might be crushed by shutting a

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diseases affecting joints in different situations in the body, and

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pollution about 80 per cent, enters the river at points 176 or more

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tages of one treatment regimen compared to the other in a particu-

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