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,.26. Visited Goree, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and other places on
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On another page we give a brief abstract of an interesting paper on the
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* The procedure is precisely similar to that in passing a frog-seton. — Jno. A, W. D.
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mentality of the press of this country, re-echoed by that of other
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angitis and the appearance of the abscesses, but well-established facts
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motion of the right leg, but none of the left. The left leg .and thigh
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We have received an excellent report drawn up by Dr. T. C. Shaw,
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one of the patients of which I have spoken disturbance of the circula-
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The animal had been bled, and in consequence a large thrombus
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necessary). After carefully dissecting down, the peritoneum was
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not dry, but somewhat furred. He took food well. The breathing
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carriages and goods' trucks for such a purpose on account of their
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[Here was given a list of the papers read and specimens exhibited at
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dressing usually employed after serious operations on the foot.
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at the prudery of the Britisher. I assert that this assumption of the
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Diagnosis was easy. The symptoms were due to a tumour, which
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Mr. Richards, not later than Thursday, twelve o'clock.
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the number of members is one less than at the Annual Meeting last
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mantlepiece clock. Upon a better acquaintance, however, }-ou ascertain that it tells