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works, however familiar to many these cases may be, supplemented by those

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tinction to himself until 1894, since which time his extensive private

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Iodide of potassium and plumbum have never yielded in prac-

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adherence to classification of diseases and systematic arrange-

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Most frequently the shell explodes in the air (time fuse)

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tain amount of delay." — Edinburgh Medical yournal, March,

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published in 1888 and well received. Many professional organizations

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surgeon, was born in Newton, N. H., January 22, 1814, son of

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resulting from the presence of the particular germ. How com-

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(change of shape of the limb, abnormal mobility, crepita-

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LJ ENRY KOPLIK, M.D., eminent New York physician, has had an

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and during the war did service at the front on several

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I fear I have detained you rather long; but, ere I conclude,

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' It is interesting to note that the dilated pupil said to be sug-

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excessive damage, and might not be complete. Impossible

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a hospital with one hundred beds, an aseptic mater-

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In this admirable little book, Dr. Treves treats, in a com-

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caused by it. Wolf in Great Britain, from investigations in the

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Dr. Draper married, December 28, 1898, Helen Fidelia Hoffman,

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daily newspaper published west of Albany, New York, in the United

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cine, Rochester Pathological Society, and of the Society of the Gene-

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brought success and well-being to these honored fellow-workers

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physician to the Hospital of the Ruptured and Crippled ; later being

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practice as a consulting surgeon has taken most of his time, though

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days, during which the person may appear and act rationally, and

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was brigade surgeon in the National Guard, holding the rank of

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agreeable and nutritious any diet may be to-day, rotation of the

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matic aneurysms of the arteries are seen under different

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upon the nervous system, hurtful and fatal to all but the robust.

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atropine to morphia, chloral to strychnia, alcohol to serpent ven-

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gery (monthly) became the medium of the most advanced surgeons

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death retained his connection with the faculty of the institution.

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nethy style, and which encourage the patient and endear his medical