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third, or the beginning of the fourth, week in September that the
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been previoosly related by Dr. Lee, in his ' Clinical Midwifery/ 1848, p. 112.
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Clinic at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. This
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system: her age was forty; the catamenia were regular as to time, and healthy
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1868.] Notes on the Cholera Epidemic in 1865-66. 179
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in forty cases of cirrhosed liver, not depending on heart disease,
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The only remains of the true parenchyma of the kidneys consisted of a
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form, and generally disappears under astringent washes, and a slight alte-
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the amount of *' irritation '' " set up '^ in the brain^ or shall we
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case of trichiniasis in the liying human subject has been diagnosed
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from the varying, and often apparently inexplicable effects produced by cold
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nervous centres (the spinal cord unfortunately bein^ not examined),
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Number of convicts on the 30th September, 1839, males 762
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been as readily available to these indigent citizens
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well as men ; but it appears to have a preference for the latter.
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strate the material cause of mental disorder in the bndn-mass