served in the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital
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who are well cared for, particularly favourable conditions
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"In therapeutic experiments, Dr. Leblond studies the action
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profession, and, at the age of sixteen, he entered the
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the occurrence of haemorrhage ; and if it is found to be
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the tutelage of private teachers. Upon the expiration of his two
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removed to Brooklyn, but after passing two years in that city resumed
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chard family may be considered American, as many generations of
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lid, in toto, is gently forced toward the upper margin of the
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and weeping He becomes alternately irritable and morose, emo-
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the Skin in the Hahnemann Hospital College of San Fran-
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osteomalacia. Such paralyses can probably be ascribed to an early involve-
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the numerous clinical cases cited by Dr. Houghton, will doubt-
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broader career he accepted the position of Assistant Physi-
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period of research in European medical centres, he entered private
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makes a plea for thorough provings on healthy individuals alone
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upon experiments and results, and has. been so successful as to
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In 1888, Dr. Gleason married Grace Hoysralt, daughter of the late
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Roosevelt Hospital, New York City, and remained on the house staff
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speaks thus enthusiastically, but we believe justly, of her :
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distance out at sea. The one-thousandth part of a grain of
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Among other papers of especial interest to the medical profes-
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for other reasons a letter was addressed, May 9, 1891, to
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excessive confidence in the benefit conferred by the forma-
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graduated in Latin and mathematics, and distinguished
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Orthopaedic Surgery by a national organization, and he inaugurated
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as decidedly unsuitable. On the other hand, we would especially advise the
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day, and pronounced the case meningitis with effusion ; con-
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I Ir. 'fiiclier is a nicmlwr uf Tlie Neiv York ,\c.idemy of
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put a stop at once and forever to any even seeming necessity
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Papers were read on ante-natal influences, and on sleep and
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the above application should be made dry, without previous
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possessing natural surgical abilities he desired lo seek a
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fundus, as exhibited by an attendant photophobia, and occasional
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Chicago, graduating from this institution in the spring of