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tlie following hysterical symptoms were observed and noted :

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dyspnoia, and even pseudo-angina, were frequent. ~ '

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of Koch is a strong adherent to the drinking water theory.

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transplantation. In free transplantation, various transplan-

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In the great majority of cases there are no important sj-niptoms per

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riven to reach a fair. They were killed by the section of the carotid

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tinctly saw the villi which had been touched shortening and thickening them-

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gorgement, consequent in part on the cervical lacemtion and

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In the substance of the uterus the dilated vessels are liable to be mistaken

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At the foundation of the great Republic of America, one of the

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sometimes hard ones (rope, &c.), have been used as the destructive

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colour natural. A small sore between scrotum and thigh from con-

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If we take the case of insanity following influenza, we find it

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to 60 microns), and by the striking contrast between its gran-

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important influence over its distribution and consequences, the ultimate

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about the head and breast, though his extremities were quite cold, pale 'and shrivelled ;

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our attention and strict analysis, because the chest, meaning of course

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Fifteen patients of Schlager's had before and during the

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add to the precipitate two quarts of warm water, and

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plete. Cervical haematomyelia, according to its localization, provokes

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gland enlargement and lung shadows is evident by the interpreta-

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when an American marine on the U. S. S. Chicago, off Honduras, was

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The liver reached a hand-breadth beyond the ribs, and

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the kidneys and colon the organisms are permitted to be carried from

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mind, or annoyance, often brings on an attack. I even remarked, the


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enteric fever and other allied miasmatic disorders had very much

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being sufficient for staining, and then a drop of the stained fluid spread on a slide

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ticularly was this true of the interstitial changes, which in

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engorgement and cerebrospinal opdema, with consequent in-

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The faculty as a whole is strong and able, and to all ap-

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the second Wednesday in the month of April of ea'ch year."

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when the matter is still used ; if this be granted it is not easy,

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difficult, and finally terminates forever with a deep expiration.

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