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into the Bai Motlibai Hospital on December 22nd, 1802,
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but this is a mistake, for it does not begin as such tremors do, nor do
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vide trustworthy data for the elaboration of statistics of
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with gcMter {2 m«i and 4 wcanen"^ : in i of the latter preceding the goiter
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lotions night and morning, beginning with i part of carbolic add to
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have been selected. It was alleged that the girl had been
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tution in all the large midland towns. He gets at least 20 per cent, of
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Ergot is here also a specific for the attacks themselves, administered
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for the most part paramicc-ia aurelia and P. caudal um. After diluting a
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ments, gas, firing, and attendance. Applications to the Assistant
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enactments in the Housing of the Working Classes Act, as well as in the
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consists of the following prescription: Phenacetin, 3 gr.; sulphate
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tion, and without any fear that a fistulous and leaking wound
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drift into irido-cyclitis or panophthalmitis. How are we to
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lesion, and in spasm or convulsion looks toward the lesion."
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Antiquabian asks whether the Fellowship of the Faculty of Physicians
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superior mesenteric artery. They pass to the under surface of the
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specting the condition of the thyroid body. Cerebral softening and
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urine, and is not caused by any derangement in the kidney or urinary
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Jowers was elected the senior of two newly created assistant-
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Post-Graduate Course as may be of most interest, and taking
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vincial towns the mean death rate was 1.5. .3 per 1,000, and slightly
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but if at all abundant it produces very characteristic effects, which, it
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syphilis cannot begin too soon, some even claiming that if mercurial
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treatment of hemophilia and of severe hemorrhages occurring in pur-
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they may be to each other. This enables us to restore the muscular
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whether the medical officer of health " exceeded his duty" or not.
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fingers, but especially in the middle and index He was nevertheless able
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small quantity of alcohol is added, but the presence of a
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correspondingly govern the right side of the body. The pyramidal
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At present the Asylums Board is splendidly in touch with
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saw that the psychologic moment had arrived scarce a jury could
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tainous regions of Montana and Idaho, has some very peculiar fea-
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bismuth may be tried. Cocain and adrenalin may also be used as ad-
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into the palms of his hands from inability to overcome the contraction
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registration as a medical student, and the date of the final