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as soon as my own health is a little recruited, again continue to render

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brown powder, marked with white, elongated meshes, con-

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Under 5 years of age, 32 — between o and 20yeu's, 4 — between 20 and 40 years, 2o— be-

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half this amount upon excoriated surfaces. In sub-acute

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heart, blood vessels (?), spleen, uterus, bladder and iris. In

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to be sawn. Great care should be taken to preserve the whole

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wounds of the lungs. It is, that they are by no means necessarily

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days. Prof. Lohmann, the rer)o\ve»l cliernist and one of the first autho-

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fingers, knees, or ankles ; general rigidity of the joints ; deformities

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The above specified differences between the picture of the fundus

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of the kidneys or bladder — sufficient to have impaired the general

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communicating with the other cork tube of the first bottle. If the

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adding first nitric acid then zinc carbonate. Filter and .

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view to promote the patient's comparative comfort; for the adapta-

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powder. Possesses peculiar iodine-like odor, and is insol-

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Adeps Benzoinatus. Benzoinated Lard. (U. S. & B. P.)

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on the very day of my own paper, namely, the 1st of July, 1859.*

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And the subjects of the disease, in most cases, were those previously

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nearly or quite extinct; discharge of pus and brain substance the

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Journal for November, 1856, of the case that occurred in his prac-

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nition by such, when tlieir attention has been called to the subject.

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first variety of ergotism there are coldness and anaesthesia

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ceeded to operate, assisted by Dr. AV. C. Simms. The patient hav-

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slight signs of pain and sweating ; that while the passages

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Kidneys. — The nitrites augment the amount of urine by

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^ ■ omed to leave little doubt as to the nature of tiic case.

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'in the vitality of the blood, when this is checked, fever, inflamma-

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prussic acid is rapidly absorbed and exhibits its usual cou-

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If we regard this phase as the second stage of psoriasis syphili-

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the arm, and the bowels were obstinately constipated, with dyspep-

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. deformities from injuries, «SlC., were more marked on the right

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and therefore posseses very little value as an external appli-

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