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persons — with this exception, however, that indura-
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had contracted the disease by a primary sore on the
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characters of disease prevail in succession, and we |
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skin excited by cold affusion, it was doubtless a relief
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Report ; and that as the Academy, as a body, did not
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tea, let it be weak, and add as much milk as you can
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addressed to each of the medical officers in this union, in order
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respiration thus produced rapidly increased, and proved
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ances, di-essings, and discharges, rather than heal
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them fit, especially if they can get them once well
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CoBEEsPosDKSTS, who wish notice to be taken of their communica-
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These cases certainly have characters of sufficient
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Subjects, on the 3rd May, at 10 a.m., in the Medical School, No. 4,
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costalis was found to be elevated from off the ribs by blood
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the state in which we found th- patients, observing
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terest that warms them into ardour and enthusiasm in the
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Dr. Forster gives us to understand that he has in his possession
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continued to increase in severity. On the 26th the cough
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made for the benefit of the poor, as it was considered,
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freedom which all the authors of the papers exercise
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remedial measure ; and if the operation is now, as I
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ledge, that this branch of the public service has progressed
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inasmuch as the uterus is in an abnormal state. The
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' those who have lost all ideas of propriety or decency
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fr-om at last abolishing a scandalous nuisance. The
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of the nervous system is purely a lesion of function,
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fellow ! he sometimes wore them too long, and got a kicking for his pains.
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possibility of delivery of an unmutilated infant per
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would be correspondingly impaired ; we have an ano-
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altered its conditign and rendered it unfit to main-
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lowing too closely the beaten track of those who had preceded
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the other side, but I found it answered by yours of
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Jarged to more than twice its normal size), and had followed
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