curing cancer of the breast depended more on early dia-
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and building may be called nourishing. In general, the elements of all
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as the patient had not been under medical observation pre-
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old people, at the beginning of the disease, the mouth sometimes
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ulceratioii and large fungoid granulations. The fore-feet may be
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and matters of an unknown tongue, together with ability to use some
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the work of all voluntary bodies endeavouring to do Child Wel-
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Mr. John Gamgee says that "England loses two million pounds
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meeting for the session of 1904, should be received by the
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ness. For this reason, I am of opinion that no physician is
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planned the division’s future program. Visits were
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6.43 per cent. Kesults like this should make one pause before deciding
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improvement of joint condition. An X-ray plate of the leg taken at
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feeding by means of an (Esophageal tube is indicated.
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across the aorta, jmt above its origin from the- left ventricle, I found
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had observed, in 1780, that the water-bladders on the brain of
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It seems, however, quite unnecessary to make such an assumption,
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patches where there were once tumors. The fact is of special interest
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tail, coarse black wool, except alt the tip, which is finished with
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The Spinal Cord. — Danielssen and Boeck described sclerosis and
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demands of his private interests. His connection with that
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informed in many respects utterly fail to discriminate between
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where the patient was sterilised at the time of operation, and
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although three-fourths of all the sensational trotters be-
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by the feeling that, were the present holders of office included in
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are engaged in colour works, where emerald green, a mixture of arsenic
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Physiology of the Lacteal Secretion. — Between these glands and the
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effects. No prescription of this kind should ever be
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medical testimony^ and deciding upon their sympathies^ or
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due to Mr. Maurice C. Hall of the Zoolog-ical Division of the
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. the second week. Murchison took notes of sixty-nine cases of convul-
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be immediately applied to to administer the following,
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sides an endotoxin, a soluble toxin of great potency. ^2' 25. 26 jj^g
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ed by the Association, and was cordially received by the members.
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infect all rags which the said board of health might
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much that that author did not recognize the vast and valuable
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clot in effective concentration to the depth of the zone of growth inhibitioi>.
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ease these symptoms are developed, they are a very unfortunate
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things essential in the treatment of cardiac dropsies.
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sults of the experience of the four hundred and eighty-three physi-
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page 2f).'j of the November numb<!r of the .SV. Lnnin Medi-
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pears quickly in contact with the serum of the blood and that a