contains others, and the patient cannot count on being exempt from repe-
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altogether incompatible ; and the enterprise not proving success-
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quently committed of attributing the symptoms in such cases exclusively
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by mental causes. It is induced and kept up by anxiety and depression.
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gestive apoplexy, the existence of cardiac disease never having been
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ciable amount of liquid effusion, is usually of short duration. The physi-
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Some writers have recognized, as a stage of the disease, a period ante-
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powers of mercury have doubtless been greatly over-estimated, it is not
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tended to promote the relaxation of the os uteri. The uterus ap«
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importance, relates to duration. Some diseases continue for a definite
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gether with improvement in all the local and in the general symptoms.
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all disturbing agencies, are important during convalescence.
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ogy, Ophthalmology, Medical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Materia
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cumstances, in a disease like this which does not tend to destro^^ life by
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apt to take place at the upper part of the duodenum, within a few days
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gate the anguish of pain, soothe the wretchedness of sickness,
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The so-called ulcerative endocarditis is characterized b}^ small ulcera-
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be given sufficiently to retard unduly the heart's action.