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the presence in a Virginian of the cysticercus of the Tcenia acanthotrias,
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cipient poliomyelitis with grave constitutional disorder may be impossi-
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tralgia, superacidity and supersecretion, and nervous vomiting. The
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emboli, being small but septic, are less productive of mechanical than of
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and then consists of incompletely digested particles of food, which may be
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self with a cold or shower bath, as a preventive of cholera. All
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medicated solution should be varied from time to time.
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contains no vegetables. Although especial importance is to be attached
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natural or artificial. Owing to interference with evaporation, a hot moist
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instrument. Fleischer s apparatus is most frequently used for the de-
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some practitioners as stimulants to the circulation in pneumonia. It
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And first, is cholera a contagious disease ? This question has di-
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irritability, moroseness, melancholia, chronic mania, and dementia have
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endocarditis, although in rare instances it may be due to endocarditis
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fore thoroughly examine every epileptic for points of irritation. Wounds
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given continuously for weeks in every form of the disease. When there
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cable, must necessarily be avoided. The anatomical relations of the
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die in coma and convulsions. Convalescence may be very slow and pro-
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attack the face may be red and hot, the pulse regular and slow, and the
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The most common malformation is a stenosis of the pulmonary ori-
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maxillary lymphatic gland can be detected. The color of the inflamed
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MORBID ANATOMY. The sclerosis may affect the whole of the lateral
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lows section of the peripheral nerve. The motor nerve-trunks undergo a
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gravity of the fluid is then compared with that of another sample of the
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cases a train of evils such as I have already depicted. Mischief does
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bladder are usually thin and pale, and complain of headache, backache,
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stance, may add sugar to the urine after it is passed. "When in any case
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gastric veins may also become dilated and tortuous.
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ground in some degree by an elevation of the pelvis, although at the
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marked for the perception of colors, for green and red in particular ; the former is
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like the first stages of pneumonia, by the use of venesection or local
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to nine inches of the shafl of amputated bones necrose and separate.
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avoiding, with all due diligence, the rocks and shoaLs which endanger
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paroxysms, praecordial anguish may happen at any time and continue
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duced within the blood much more rapidly than in other contagious
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membranes, and pneumonia are frequent complications.
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itself into that of the individual paroxysm and that of the series. As the
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and ovaries are common, and chlorotic women are usually early subjected
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round- cell infiltration of the tissue in the vicinity. The fibrinous va-
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mass, not freely movable, and often temporarily increasing in density