enth, and twelfth dorsal and any of the lumbar vertebrae,

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not give relief from the inflammation, and the symptoms become more

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It is infrequent that the inflammatory products are confined to any one

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This occurs in females chiefly, and is associated with other malformations.

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geal paralysis are for the most part local in character. In paralysis of the

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the thoracic viscera, producing dyspnea, violent cough, obstruction to

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rare, and clinically indistinguishable from carcinoma.

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it- undergoes decomposition rapidly after death. In severe cases decom-

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Wood Carving, Firework Making, and Printing. lUuatrated.

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Treatment — In the treatment of this affection, tonics are always indi-

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relieve urgent and troublesome symptoms. Mineral acids combined with

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may produce tension of the fascia lata and cause impingement of the

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— the capillaries are stretched and consequently have their diameter

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It is infrequent that the inflammatory products are confined to any one

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cer, it is in the loins, upper part of the thigh, and sometimes in the testes.

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JSTausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and collapse, or a semi-comatose condition, not

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from the bowels. If the ])atient survives the establishment of either

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bialis is more constant. All the cutaneous symptoms are exaggerated in

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The work done in private families has received similar praise, and there is a

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club-shaped than that of the T. solium. The neck is very short. The

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often resemble a septic intoxication like sapremia. Later, after the

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and in empyema, where the symptoms are urgent, the lung should be

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caecum, and to the lodgment of foreign bodies in the vermiform appendix.

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sence of pain, subsequent atrophy of the ends of the bones, and the

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