unless with the greatest attention to the state of each case. It has appeared
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sound; all ihe other functions were normal. There had been stupor to
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Railway Surgeons, beld at St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 5 and 0, 1900.
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several arteries, particularly the coronary and the trunk of the infra-orbital,
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eases in the district affected, RO per cent, since 1898.
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The representatives of the principal commercial interesta
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the ataxia returned as severely as before, and the compensation
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Prognosis of Carcinoma of the Pylorus After Oastro-
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facts suggest that the epithelial and cutaneous lesions are
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la estimating the practical value of the various operations, the
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that thorough disinfection after, and proper sanitation
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ulcerative products. Inspection of the patient, as well
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the exit of the air which the contractions of the heart tend to expel ; so that
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application of the calomel I was struck with the evident improvement in
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means of diaphragm. Laminae 6th and 7tb C. removed and granula-
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Six Companies acted in good faith and that they made every
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tract due to excess of hydrochloric acid or to excess of
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intervention should be the rule. The neurologist now
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>ame. Also why the same applies as regards filariasis.
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corona round the base of the eminence ; 3dly, two rounded eminences,
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the depletion was of short duration, and required no treatment.*
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\vaming was sent to the hospital, and that every possible
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ergot, digitalis, conium, belladonna, henbane, cannabis
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the healthy gland— had a more distinct envelope of cellular tissue, and had
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Given such a preparation, the second point will have
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and in the fifth, 39, while of my last 70 operations, in
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the posterior lobe of the right side was finely injected, and contrasted
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its origin. A curious fact is noted by Konig" that these
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higher than has ever been noticed in any condition of the system, or of any
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Prior to this time., the careful clinical observation that
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July 27th. — Vomited only four times on the night of the twenty-sixth;
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Dr. L. L. McAbthub — In the series of cases reported by Dr.
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stances. If recent experiences afford us any guide at
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It is essential that the gas employed for this purpose should be perfectly
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it is true, were not reported and were not known of imtil the
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Taking these facts into consideration, it becomes evident that
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unavailing. The patient presented, at her entrance, ulceration of the soft
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has been the development of this idea of Claude Ber-
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revoke its former action and remove all hindrance to the ac-
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An ambulance has been presented to the Ryburn Memorial
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To rank from March 11 — Majors Herbert W. Cardwell, Henry
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viving husbands as favoring a lesser predisposition on