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use of the bromide of gold and arsenic in epilepsy. Being, compara-

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and was associated with quite severe precordial distress, with,

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brae, malposition of the ribs corresponding to the deranged

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sponsibility for the health of their Beveral districts

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was often necessary to close the opening in the viscus,

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and the Chicago Fair, we fear the Congress would suffer.

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secretion. Of these, as stated, only 1 proved to be an ulcer.

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One authority states that in 200 autopsies following

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contained in small portions of tissue, but also for the blood in the body

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sarcoma ; (c) carcinoma ; (rf) intractable haimorrhagic

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which death restUted from pyoemia. This complication has its origin in the

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pursued by the vaccinating corps of the Health Department,

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the schools of the city by the introduction of the half-year interval be-

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Your Committee has laboured long and arduously during

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smaller diagram has equal and larger dimensions than the larger one to the

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The Protective Influence of Vaccination during the In-

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rash in small-pox should be carefully noted. Varioloid

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ant branch of medical science, and the combination of medi-

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the tumour, is the follicular hyperplasia : nor are the contents

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these conditions will yield to a specific vaccine as sug-

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eration (1) of the various general, particular and local causes ; (2) of the

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and exist in great numbers in the armpits and groins, and hence in

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of Directors and a member-at-large from the general mem-

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Mix into a stiff batter and bake in greased muffin rings on

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shortly after the appearance of the primary lesion,

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that an increased desire to urinate is not always present; that to

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lessness. In the beginning of January 1870 he was reported as

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was discernable between the interments of yesterday and of King

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definite manner in all cases, and comes on and goes off with the

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brings the whole work do-wn to 1869, and in parts to 1870 and

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i and actions for damages to merchandise have been brought. When water

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The curative effect of calomel then being annexed to its

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Lungs — Hypostatic Congestion — Hy])ostatic Pneumonitis.

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in the positive cases as compared with the negative.

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40 doctors for a total of 77 doctors in a 5 mile area. Also by December 2 more

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breath, and the appearance of phosphorus smeared over the dress, first attract© 1

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the closure of the aortic valves, and is called the aortic notch.

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neither theory, experiment, nor empiricism, gives a right, or

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same day of the month. Of course, these two statements were

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to the washed tube, which was labeled^. In another similar tube, labeled

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worse. Skin cold. Face sunken and pale. She lies on left side ; any other position

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forth by the stronger action of the induction coils.