Owing to the fact that only a few of the control cases developed
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are spinach, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, (stewed) cauliflower, carrots, beets,
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the boys in Hospital daring the vacation were attacked, Avhile, if
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year at the meetings of this Society, when chloroform was substi-
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patient for a longer or shorter time has often been adopted by prac-
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an obtuse angle. The technic is as follows: Rather more blood than is
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femoral vein of a middling-sized healthy dog was carefully exposed,
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powder with a slightly salty taste. It is given in 0.50-1 G. (71/2-15 gr.)
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lie attaches to the comparative increase of length of the posterior
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lence of tubercle bacilli by the action of brain extract. The
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might be mistaken for those of rheumatoid arthritis — an old disease,
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Both use very minute doses. In cases with fever, Trudeau begins with
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form, and probably of a contractile natm-e. It is well known that
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1909), although in England and Germany considerably higher
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necessity of keeping the stomach empty, and passing the fluid food
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show steady physical deterioration. With these symptoms there
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Dog No. 123. — May 19, 1909: Cultures smeared over face and nostrils (strain
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Mr Higginbotham says that, even where structural change has gone
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sugar generated in tliis way may be given to the blood so early
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ribs were found as diagnosed, with slight laceration of lung at frac-
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Sir James Simpson gave some particulars of the case of death
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is produced by a Geryk pump to less than 2 mm. of mercury. Dur-
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Antithyreoidin (Moebius) may be tried in doses of 30 drops, three
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Dr Bell thought this instrument too complicated. There had been
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mands an absolutely non-irritant diet. If the urine is not alkaline, alka-
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in 2 days, 50 to decolorization in 3 days, 60 to decolorization in 4
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present, will prove very successful. The author agrees with Pribram
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the higher temperature being chosen when the content of salt is small
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hydatids in their earlier stages are very puzzling, as they may de-
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twelve ounces from the right median cephalic vein. It was inter-
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Diabetes. — If diabetes is present, with or without obesity, the alkaline
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but mere wreaths of theory or guess-work taking the form of an