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symmetrically and in such a manner as permits of the later introduction of

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It was a singular circumstance that whilst this good and amiable man

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professors are obligated by law to attend on the patients, when their ser-

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was thickened and of a dusky-red color, showing established inflamma-

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authority that it was employed in Spain as a sudoriGc, when the remains

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divided through the mouth, and the tongue can then be pulled out through the

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satisfying my curiosity. The favorite wife of the Kiaja-Bey (commer-

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fuls a day. In June, 1837, she had a turn precisely similar to that in

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contaminated with carbon dioxide is to lower a lighted candle into it ; if

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Tlie hearing was equally good upon the right and left side of the bead,

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patients have been received. The expenses of the last year were

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embryo to embryonic malformations, and the embryonic malformations are the

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to my visit. His pulse were now 90, with little more than natural full-

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hoarse cough, imperfect deglutition, frequent pulse, hectic ; \ti inflam-

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New Orleans, writes, under date of March 26th, that a new quarter!/

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hard and full, which, with his other symptoms, induced me to, imme-

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total of result is proportionally augmented. Still further, repetition of mus-

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pustules on the surface of the body, and each of them was found to

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lower limbs may waste. Occasionally the atrophy is first seen in the

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although after the beginning of March thinner things are generally needed.

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gated. Liver and spleen not remarkable. Bladder firmly contracted.

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midwife was sent for, who arrived at midnight, and more prudently ad-

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noxious substances which have been incorporated with it, or to the food

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(6) Stretch-arm-lean-standing backward flexion with wrist suj)j)ort and pressure

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practitioner to. calculate on a favorable operation of such remedies^o

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fant had a cataract of both eyes." A wonderful case indeed ! I can-

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ioat is the effect of the vibrations of the elastic fluid to and fro, in ex*

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would hardly be a single quack from Maine to Georgia. The Thom-

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(2) A passive movement means the manipulation of or upon any part of a

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of games and sport, a very high average of physical strength and endurance,

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Symptoms. — The symptoms are those of chronic tracheitis. There is no

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continuing, the patient becoming more languid and weak, and eventually

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public spirit of the State. The building is a model of simplicity and

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About a year ago, she expressed a wish " to try " the Thsm>^

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with other treatments have been found of great value; but while their

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majority of instances, such cases as are diagnosed being usually those in which a

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^' In acute diseases the remedies 'are not exhibited, in general, more

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Physiology. Materia Medica and Medical Jurisprudence, by - Dakikl Ourit, 11.1).

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of his private patients and their anxious friends, and such as would pro-

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Medical Meeting. — At the annual meeting of the physicians of Ibo

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nothing, yet the effects may be very obvious, not only on human beings but

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tion they call the aid of the will to assist in respiratory action ; and at '