In general, it is in proportion to the abundance of sugar in the urine, and

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random. The only selection exercised was in measiu'ing nuclei

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auriculo-ventricular openings of the heart, and under peculiar

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the work especially useful to those who are being educated for employment in manufacture.

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Ameiurus. The pigment moves forward toward the external limiting mem-

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cirrhotic kidney by Goodfellow.^ The disease is much oftener observed

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Muscnlar tremor commonly known as rigor may or may not accompany

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fever to an extent to call for more than regulation of the ingesta. Diar-

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tain proportion of cases ; b}^ the smaller joints of the hands being affected

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the nasal chamber of man as herein described shows that the

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Figure 7 was reproduced from the Levaditi preparation of a

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become large, the motion of the fluid tluougli ihcm must become slow.

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only the maxillary branches, and the filaments of the lingual not

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been observed at a smaller distance. If London had as many

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of light a variable personal factor enters, but also that the de-

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escape, when those slee})ing on a level with the ground become affected.

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from a letter written at Cairo, Illinois, where he was detained as a prisoner

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proves fatal in a large proportion of cases. Before the pathology and

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addition requiring the handling of fewer sections to complete a

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seem to demand their most attentive consideration, and I shall,

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temperature in the axilla was 105° Fahr., the pulse being only 80, and at

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seen in connection with the last two nerves that Kosaka found

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complete and conveniently arranged text-book of its

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rations to descriptions of the varieties of insanity as j Practitioner, Feb. 1871.

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different visceral organs, viz., the stomach, intestines, lungs, heart, and

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proportion to the local manifestations. It is true the diphtheritic local

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ing as curiosities of clinical experience. The double tertian is not very

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that Held (17) did not rely on satisfactory evidence, when he set

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question —Boston My.d. and. Surg. Journal, iS'ov.5,

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not produced by touching the eyeball, the sensibility of the latter being

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swelling on the side on which the iodine was applied ; the vesicles were

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