Two drops of a two per cent, solution of Merck's co-

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'• that if, like everything else in I'ranoe, it has felt the recoil

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ingested, and by the mere movements of the jaws in mastication. The

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In the Medical Record of January 28, 1S93, E. D. S.

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But if the ventricular contraction were sufficiently slow, these

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ment is absolutely unique, as accurate observations have been

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Bulletin of Cleveland General Hospital, October, 1900.

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is unconscious or unmanageable, it is at times necessary to

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paroxysmal period. The physiology of the blood plaque

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the median line was made, and the dark red, congested w r all of the cyst

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trate the specific points by a number of clinical and experimental data.

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by dilatation). As a cause of chronic internal arteritis in the

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gall-stones are formed in early adult life, before the fortieth year, corre-

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were used, the labour of months might be accomplished in weeks. Per-

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this operation. The most frequent pathological condition involving the

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impure atmosphere ? Again, is not a fever proceeding from

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ination should be used in making our examinations. Everything

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measles when the temperature was 105° F., hydrochloric

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wanted to bring up. As I said to you before, I have had an opportunity

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of whom are prominent laymen. The properties of the College are held and

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Epithelial Change produced by Irritation. By D'Arcy

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Prof. E. Demm, Physician at Berne has already employed this

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In Henke F. Labarsch. Hand, der Spez. Path. Anat. und

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>y a case related at p. 404, in which a man just escaped committal on what

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with the greatest care, and adjusted and covered with

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ate, at the hos|)ital of the New York Post-Graduate Medi-

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one half of the uterus is removed. The opposite half of the uterus is

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tention ; where both are so close together that the well-water can^be con^

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The psychical symptoms are among the most characteristic of the

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the number of accidents from falls was very Amongst the diseases which were very

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(D.) Septitiipya'iiiia chronica ex eryaipelate biiUoso.

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Wuunded and stunned ti-sue when cut due- nut bleed; .ind if it be

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esting legislation. Blyth, probably the foremost English authority

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Purpura Rheumatica and Angina. — A. Bruck refers to the

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is, the nature of the relationship between fat and carbohydrate exchange

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