common caustic and potassa fusa, is prepared by boiling together
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along familiar roads, but may not adapt well to new or
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In a discussion of the subject, it may be well to say
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Rundschau, Berl., 1899, ix, 913-922.— Ohlniachcr (A. P.)
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the white ones, with a tendency in the former to run together in
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per cent, solution of chloride of zinc to the surfaces.
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of symptoms is capable of being induced in two very different modes —
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given with an equal quantity of sugar every two hours. In case there is
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was no reaction following the injection of the serum
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have no place in the management of an institution set
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ing. He said he took two 41-calibre Derringer pistols,
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sugar. He can stand, if supported, but otherwise falls. He
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juack. Dr. Christison met with a case which could not have lasted above
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the fauna is largely fortuitous, and that a perpetual supply of mam-
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ment of infants whose constitutional stamina will not allow of any con-
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second week, when the fever defervesces and the other S3rmptoms sub-
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Stewart, Inspector- General of Hospitals ; Dr. Beith, Deputy-
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indirect only, the regulation of these matters by law be-
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of the operation it was thought to be necessary to remove the cyst in
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*See Hebra's " Hautkrankheiten," Virchow's " Handbuch der speciellen Patholo-
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examination. A polypoid growth will often be seen at the upper part of
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artery began to pulsate, but a little jet of blood coming from between
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In the preface to this work Dr. Berkley states that " the absence from
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Waller. We are aware, in corroboration of this explanation, of
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among patients who had been for a considerable time
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Signor Alessandro Volta, Professor of Experimental Philosophy in
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the arteries, kidney trouble through making poisons
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mention at present as in keeping with this) on the authority of
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exclusively infective nature of the disease has been generally
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count of the. greater interest now taken in the bacte-
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are collectively called pneumatoses. Air or gas diffused within the meshes
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and the American Medical Association owe their highest
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Shoes, to Clean.— Defaced kid boots will be greatly-
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trephine applied, and the chisel and mallet completed the remo-