funnel being inserted into the mouth of a glass decanter. When the
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of excitement have subsided, it follows that the anodyne operation of
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little value, and cannot be depended on to the exeiusioa of wioe-whey,
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the burning of paper impregnated with nitre, in the asthmatic paroxysm*
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scarlatina though exposed to the cause ; but nothing is more common
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ating promptly and but for a short time, so that to sustain its effects,
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some of the common condiment salt dissolved in a very pa-
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mineralogical relations ; for the phannaceutist, either upon their chem-
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several times a day, and continued for twelve or fourteen days." (McU.
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referred to, I had previously considered as liable to occur in any pro-
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leeorered without any serious onsequences. Generally, along: with in-
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ounce may be given at a dose, (Trownieau and PidouT, 4e ed*, ii. 260.)
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have subsided ; or, if previously to this time, it should be reduce*!. Mr.
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too, spoke of the influence of the heavenly bodies upon the
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is so highly prized for its slimness, is that which is seen on
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How often do we see the patient die of typhus, at the very
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U. S. Pharmacopoeia, four troyounces in a pint of the diluted acid, the
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contact of the water or ice. Very cold water has sometimes been in-
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powerful motion than that which she herself keeps a-going.
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the functions which is apt to follow the agitations of acute febrile and
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have as yet no proof of chemical change produced in the orprans which
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reputation as an aromatic, resembling ginger in its action on the system,
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tion and depression of the cerebral centrea For proofs of this, and
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flaming the part The pain from the operation is very slight, not ex-
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are exhibited in those organs, and not directly elsewhere. The simple
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been alluded to generally, but for the sake of more connect-
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L Chemists differ a,s to the precise mode in which the end is attained j bq
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purgative, which might prevent their use in reference to their tonic
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original, idiopathic affection ; but much more frequently it is associated
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^^^H Pemvian bark owes its spocial virtues to the peculiarity of Ita acUre
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significantly by 5° C (P =0.001) or 15° exposure (P =0.01) when
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or obviating mortification and putrcscency. At present, however, this
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depth below the skin must also be well understood. The influence is
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In relation to Feruuian bark itself, the effects are essentially the same
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shall consider it in relation first to the nervous system, secondly to the
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flatulent colic^ especially in children. As a preventive of cholera, its
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the digestive organs attendant on atonic gout^ it is also an excellent ad-
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in solution. Where the saline warm baths can be found in
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, t^ jRxifBosQS is leas' fAronrahte tku witli qoikv. hot nol tilt**
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clothing must be close at the upper parts, otherwise the rare-
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