bercle bacillus, but in a large proportion of '^'?*^ tincture, and does not fix blood to the
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the examination of the stained smear, something like
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Beat in a mortar the almonds, moistening with the orange
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spasms with a sensation of filling of the throat and diflBculty of deglu-
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several weeks, the average being three days. Late in the disease it
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The disease has often been diffused in localities in which it did not previously
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to obtain your certificate, we are compelled to attend, much
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The foreign matters, which as causes of disease enter the blood, are
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solution, by instillation, in forty-two operations. For this prac-
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fusion is not uncommon. Workers in arsenic have been
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13 red. The white corpuscles in these cases presented unusually active and
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of fluid from the pericardial (upon the heart) sac, the region over the
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day multitudes were taken ill, and by the 18th or 20th of March scarcely
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policy are for the Legislature, and not for the administrative body prin-
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The occasional occurrence of hemoglobinuria in cases of Raynaud's
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of the case, and my services were no longer needed.
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be desirable. One other point occurred to him. If the
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Academy of Pediatrics. Washington, D.C. Fees: $200,
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night on bromide. Borax was substituted, and for five months the patient had
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By ANTHONY V. PISCIOTTA, M. D., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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grains of morphia daily, who has lost four successive
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weight than those of white men. The liver, on the other hand, is larger.
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in the ileum immediately above the ileo-caecal orifice ; whence in both of
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developed. Paralysis due to direct pressure from without is rare; it
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where the wall of the chest is perforated. There is not much pain or
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of which he is a reputable member, did not, of course,
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The pursuit of an abiding passion encourages you to seek new
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the stomach, but whether in the role of cause or effect is a question
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In the human subject the poison has in general been latent
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and on four days half an ounce less meat ; on Saturday for
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most common one and one which gives us most concern, is j^ost opera'
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very rapidly epigastric pain. Sometimes, however, it does not