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were less frequent and gradually the trismus disappeared. As he then complained

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breaking down of the roof or sides of the ventricles.

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Union med. dii Canada, i\Iontr6al, 1897, xxvi, 577-58K.

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" The most interesting cases are those in which intense symptoms exist,

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It is shown in order to elicit opinions as to its pathogenesis.

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rine compounds; and its cost will probably be consider-

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we would have given almost our soul to retract would have remained

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pital, advocates hammock suspension as a substitute for the ordinary

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atrophy, i.e., arrested development or retarded growth, e.g.,

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that they are able to effect their purpose. Both of these condi-

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On looking critically at the figures Dr. Bundle had presented, one was left in

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" Thence this inflamed membrane is stretched, and thus an acute pain is pro-

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the differences between these groups are broad enough to call for the

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[OommiiiileaUd for th« IkMloii Medical and Surgical Journal.]

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In proportion then as any one contributes to elevate or

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large crania, who were subject to constant headaches, increased and

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in the execution of those movements, and then of centers in the medulla, which

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will generally facilitate expectoration and relieve the

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is a more pleasing likeness than many of his other portraits, and

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recovered, as presumably in all cases some medicine had, in addition,

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dren almost invariably do well at the sea-side, while mountain resorts are in

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The eye muscles are seldom affected. Sensibility is generally unaffected

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consuming and would have included, necessarily, cases meagerly described

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ternal administration of bichloride of mercury. I am con-

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through the discovered connection, exerted their influence

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cholera had its origin in some specific cause, of which nothing

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eral tuberculides. Lupus erythematosus is too local

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The patient was maimed forever. The physician was obliged to

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nection. Todd, and other British writers, have observed the frequent