into a displacement vessel, or glass funnel, with a cork fitted in the bottom;
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tracted; thumbs drawn in to the palms; joints rigid. Pia mater
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Chronic rheumatism, often the sequel of an acute attack, but often coming on
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pain attending this condition, though not so colicky and
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peral fever, — the exhibition of large and frequent doses of
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and lupus (tuberculosis of skin) being treated under the
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cerebral dropsy or chronic hydrocephalus, thoracic dropsy, and abdominal dropsy;
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with interest to the descriptions of the diseases of the so-called
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air of eminence and ponderous dignity which the home
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eyelids prevented a satisfactory examination of the pupils; but the partial
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and most furious of them all. Its favorite feeding-
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well defined, a smooth, flat, ivory-like appearance of the skin,
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aorta, a wound of it or of the heart, or severe inflammation of the pericardium,
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disease. But since Shakespeare let loose that favorite
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advent of the simple ^variety is often ushered in with considerable
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confluent variola, for the patients not to promptly recover their appetite and ask
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was grossly bloody and the specific gravity was not
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letters, clothing long stored away, toys long unused, Eind
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College, and of Natural Sciences in Capital University, Columbus, Ohio 817
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were no means of heating dwellings and other apart-
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were contracted to a mere pin hole, and perfectly insensible to light. His
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We cannot conclude without once more mentioning, in terms
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been induced to follow the example, both because this substance
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A short time before labour began, the tumour was thought to have become
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its efficiency. Mr. Leese, a very experienced vaccinator, had stated, some
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the movements may be, however, of a springing, revolving character, and generally
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followed by effusion of lymph in the scrotum, which becomes tumefied, and con-
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"the physician's bible" — the chill which so frequently
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mittent. Of the local means, there is none in which I have so much confidence
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tiie tissue^ chiefly the anterior parts. The meduUa oblongata was of
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proper; or, again, an unwonted development of blood-vessels,
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climate is excessively destructive to the British troops, whilst it is genial to
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It is exceedingly diflScult to determine whether the affection of the heart
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She had previously had one or two fits. These recurred occasionally
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by pressing and kneading the part with the fingers for some minutes. After the
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substance containing guaiacum in contact with the surface of
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umbrici. She was going on much the same, when dyspnoea came on
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beates, with which, as in the case of Dooley, we associated, but very sparingly,
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wound in the scalp in two directions upwards, in the form of a letter V,