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To the Editor The article The Rationale for Naltrexone

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AIDS and drug addiction have contributed to the esca

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The choice of the term contagious is not a happy one and yet

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puckered and opaque. The coronary vessels are tortuous and prominent.

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Bordeaux. Six hundred and four deaths were registered during the

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wherein it is kept till used. Alcohol keeps catgut hard

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anatomical investigation in anatomy is due to the influence of Minot of

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have been struck by the hemorrhagic nature of the condition. They all

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sarily owing in great part to central excitation. In hallucinations

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At the perineum slight difficulty sometimes occurs especially in

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engorgement and serous effusion the only morbid sign which has been

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one octavo volume of about pages with illustrations. Shortly.

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ago when the National Health Society opened classes

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These are if possible even more occult than those of the

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cerning gunshot wounds of the Civil War and hence my

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credit for his prophetic insistence that poisonous irrespirable gases