can be controlled. Therapies continue to evolve as new

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• Sir Benjamin Brodie, Lectures on Pathology and Surgery, 1846.

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of a constitutional build " — that the patients are the oflspring of

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number of manths in the ear, throat, and nose clinics in

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taking sufficient food. Pain at first in left ovary, but

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or, at all events, a very slow one ; the rythmic motions of the heart of the frog, removed from

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numerous glands which secrete or furnish an adhesive yellow and

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enthusiasm for his operation and by the hopes of the patient and his

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WARNINGS, Since drowsiness may. on occasion, occur with use of this drug, patients

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insufficient to establish a diagnosis, and to other anomalous

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advice, the iron and nux vomica were given up, and in their room

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injury which had given no reason to suspect fracture or

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the examination of the effective and non-effective officers shows that the

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hensions, dissatisfaction, impatience, depress the vital powers and are non-

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with in young people, particularly men, without any obvious cause. These

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which the limb, a joint of which is diseased, is found,

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in the bone marrow under normal conditions, but only when there

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unusually extensive tubercular affection of the kidneys, and as

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has developed more rapidly possibly than any other, for the history

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applied to diseased arteries. By dilatation we generally mean a uniform

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grains of which, he says, will dissolve, by the aid of

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inmates, and making the easy working of the administration,

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possibly the injection of serum obtained from a person who

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favorable circumstances, in small rooms, where it is impossib'e to

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their bodies have become fiilly developed. The bones of such persons

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creases with the severity of the inflammation, being highest in the ichorous

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nient d'origine svphilitique, accompagn^e de mvdriase.