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(K) J. King, M.B., Leigh; Dr. Norman Kerr, London; Mr. A. F. £v

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than questionable. Fever, cholera, and small-pox presented a great and

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hole had been formed by softening of the tuberculax deposit, which

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the authorities to make this an isolation schocl for all the

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10. Dislocation of Vitreous Humour.— This is a point of con-

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be the speedy cause of death. When the bleeding is extensive the

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the subject — such as provision for the poor, the doing away

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as common as in the case of tuberculosis. It is curious that the lepra

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with pregnancy, pelvic inflammation, etc. ; 10 cases. 4.

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is better to err on the safe side by treating as infectious cases

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larger one, also with no result. I found the orifice wa&

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temperature. This condition of the urine in her continued, notwith-

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its duration much longer, extending in some cases to the end

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a multiplication of parasites, a conclusion which Dr. Pfeitfer

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whllr changing in color, from the increase in subcutaneous hemor-

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in cases of hemophilia takes more than twice the usual time for coagu-

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grunt is a sign of great diagnostic importance, especially in children.

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and that in one form or another they will have to be dealt

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tion has been put to in preparing to meet and justify the

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blunt button hooks are then inserted, and.the dresser holds the

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Prenden€: W. Allan Jamieson, M.D. Vice-Presidents:

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cations be kept up twice a day or every day it often causes a more or

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tinguish by his own practised sense of touch. Among these characters

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is therefore less common among the upper and well-to-do classes of

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Notification of measles 9S. 875, 1247. 1349 : of in-

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ligature of the femoral vein in a healthy man may have no effect what-

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taking the tablets he informed me that his wife bore two boys, one

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essences is another question, and it will not do to assume that for con-

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loss sustained by his colleagues, especially thoseof St. Thomas's

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!»iOTT, F. W., M D. On the Sensory Function of the Rolandic Area of the

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heart. Dr. Ruxton was a man of varied talents who waS ex«

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noticed that on looking at objects with both eyes there was double vision.

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A good service pension has been conferred on Surgeon-Colonel'

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ing of the University Council meetings. Whatever discus-

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