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and by watching and assisting experienced operators. (Except

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Our Editorial Exit. — Two years have now elapsed since we

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fered upon the subject of " biography of living medical men." He

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I consider ether really the only safe and efficient remedy for convulsions of

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question, is it small pox ? Again, much stress is laid upon the rose

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of slow growth. Those who clothe and feed the members of them.

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in their alternate shortening and lengthening, termed "loco-

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piration. No moist rales heard' The patient was ordered to take cod-liver

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Hawley, D. C, Burlington, Yt.: Diseases of the Rec-

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standing, been productive of much good. The Transactions of the Illinois

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If not, the head may be acted upon as in deviated positions of the

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M. Bischoff has been twice in the press ; first of all, with a pamph-

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in the midst of cellular tissue of inflamed parts, in tissues

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But the writer is more interested with the European claim-

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Dear Medico: 1 am off to-morrow for New York, via the Falls of

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one part of Iodine added, which completely dissolves, in em-

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That the pulse is the safer guide in appendicitis, and that

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Eeports of committees being called for, Dr. Palmer, chairman of

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bridle-like strand and a diaphragm, above which arose two

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feces varies, but it has been found that 100 grams of milk food

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sole aim should be to labor harmoniously for the promotion of health and

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ing end — and lastly the operation of letting him alone ; — and

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trance into the general system through the skin with a slower but

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rooms of the affluent, No patients are so subject to pulmo-

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sant dreams," what do you say to enrolling diseases under a Constitu-

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lary branches, and that its ofhce is, to receive the venous blood from

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Discussion opened by R. S. Harnden, M. D., Surgeon Erie R'y, Waverly,

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remainder having been carefully transferred from the vial to the

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We have already had occasion to notice this work. Its extensive sale