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suitable strength for vaccine in 0'85 S.S.S. (7) Heat to sterilize 60 min.

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Senate of the University of London ; 18, Cavendish Square,

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*Archiv. f. Dermatol, und Syphilis, 1S70, ii.. p. 155

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tients. The patient's hospital records were studied and

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tioned. In the blood, besides the common pale cells, there are a few

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wasted, but there is more power in them knee began to be weal

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Session (1978) of the 198th New Jersey Legislature was

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* Lectures on the Blood, Lancet, 1839-40, vol. i, p. 150 ; vol. ii, p. 152.

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till at last, when the animal became very weak, the blood,

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'^ that (from preceding experiments) he was persuaded that birds

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concreting principle or bond of the other parts of the blood,

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On February 3rd, 1886, the patient's condition was as fol-