up the slumbering embers of disease, and to transform chronic into

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material. The tissue of the lung in the immediate neighborhood is somewhat infil-

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that the social and sanitary conditions have greatly improved ; that

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vaginal fistula, due to an extension of the tear through the cervix into

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of the new-born is a most excellent composition, and here, as is

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control of non-professional tribunals and be governed by them in-

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catarrh, and pain in the sacral region. She had given up heavy work,

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phlebitis, her milk will be likely to fail. If crural phlebitis should

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formerly and noticeable to himself or friends is associated with his

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(2) Some affections of the cardio-pulmonary and nervous systems.

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can often be made from this fact, but casts, like albumin, are inconstant,

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panic cavity, but the membrana tympani is placed at an extremely

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that the records of the weighing machine, which are received with such

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demic diseases, the question of cause remained merely a subject for curious

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public standpoint. These were that peddlers of drugs, ex-con-

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of not causing pain to anybody, would recall his men from the

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1889), who practised it successfully in twelve cases, and demonstrated the

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That so many ingenious methods of performing intestinal

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quiescence of excitability and activity in the psychical centres; (2) the

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going to Dr. Jones and he has been giving me a two days'

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" I wish it thoroughly to be understood, that though correction by tenotomy

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with the Utopian plans of the A. A. L. L. and it is easy to foresee

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able in a certain number of cases. In three cases a purulent effusion

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and enthusia.stic reception of tenotomy by the profession, of the excess to

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picion of some form of constitutional disorder. Trommer's test revealed the

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of the fact that he is able to "carry on." As a result his courage

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drawn in front of the abdominal wall, the surrounding field

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That in the latter class of case (appendicitis) leucocyte counts

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over the chest, front and back, as though the whole body has blown up.

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