Deep alcoholic and osmic acid injections may be tried.

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with, still progressing, in persons between forty and fifty. Its presence is

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Sir James Crichton-Browne gives as the cause of colds

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1948, ” the report states, “accidents were the leading

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because here the temperature is lowest, the circulation poorest, and, in the

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membranes were of a dark brownish-red color, rich in blood vessels and highly

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invigorate the system, form an important part of the treatment. If these

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such examples, for supplying which, no mode free from objection is

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concert of action of all State and municipal boards of

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Cina is more particularly required when the patient suflfbrs from

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the flexibility of the spine, and ihorougli treatment is

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with the precious hope of a glorious immortality. — Hunterdon Gazette,

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from eye to eye. Besides these circumstances, Dr. Conti is

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out of his nostrils." Percivall says the mucus is some-

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inflammation of the pia mater, and by extension of the inflammation

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pressure of the congested vessels upon the brain substance:

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plunged into the jar, that the light is extinguished— in other

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prescriptions attributed to the women physicians of Salerno,

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blebs, and unhealthy ulcers. Further, vesicles or bullae, containing

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passed transversely through the lumen of the artery. At the end of the wound, in the

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without foundation, alternation between extreme excitement and utter-

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carefully washed by means of a stomach tube and all food and drink by

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which is apt in such cases to occur from the loaded membrane,

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cious connection, he noticed a small sore on the right

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Brown has not had the manliness to view in the proper

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a simple problem, and, in a certain number of cases,

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upon the clothes or person of the prosecutrix or prisoner, has

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When you are attempting to hypnotize a subject, you

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their substance and their love on their kinsman, and glorying in his

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the legs have so long been regarded as an opprobrium of sur-

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too hastily pronounced yellow fever, not having the prostration

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day by lavage, but in my opinion the bowels should move

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with a much larger proportion of beds— are operated by gov-