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provement being more marked in the preaxial than in the post-

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and continuous, in others partially disorganised. The peritoneal coat

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if evidences of retention of nitrogenous products are at hand in

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confirmatory^ features of organic diarrheas are: Continuous, as

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slight attacks of diarrhea. Her blood-picture has remained

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It can be readily understood that the concentrating power

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justice under the fear of exposure, they escape themselves.

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can be BO cloul.t. The habits of dress, tho unhealthy fashions, protracted celibacy,

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remissions (a total duration of about five years) she was, to

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sensory apparatus is developed for the purpose of producing

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all a chance to become men and women in the world, and crime would cease to

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rice. Ohee, vegetablesj milk^ and occasionally, on festivals,

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be also the cause of the serous inflammation. It seems pro-

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thalein, blood chemistry, or Ambard coefficient as our guide.

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atrophy of one or the other of the optic nerves. An x-ray ex-

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ATTACKS of chorea or not, in only three cases have we mention of

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" On the contrary it will be seen,*' he says, '' that laudanum, opium,

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slight hypertrophy of the left ventricle existed ; the lungs were ad-

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cines that cured me. I have no wish to deceive any person on this subject, and I

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disorders of the optic nerve and retina ; when we add to these the

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warm and moist air is required, the number of phthisical patients is

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the 19th-20th February an immense quantity of snow inter-

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to six hundred cubic inches of air at a single inspiration.

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the pregnant condition, the anxious state of mind consequent on the

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woman already suffering from disease of the kidneys. In

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after the lapse of some days the cardiac orifice remained moderately

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the sulphur mixture had been swallowed by the patient. The first

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woman ; and the indulgence in promiscuous intercourse removes it from the breast

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1. Abience of Vagina ; Voluminous Swelling formed hy Setention of

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^ readily yield to the pressure of air, it may be in deep and sudden

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which, if uncured, arc suro to become fatal, and probably also descend to their

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wearing low-necked dresses ; and thousands of gentlemen, by improperly exposing

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of slightly albuminous urine, often tinged with bile. He frequently

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case of tumours, when the circulation is quickened and the

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and providers for the family. Husbands are often feeble and sickly, while the

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following day, while travelling to Fistoia, she was attacked and died

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throughout the entire course of the malady, and that in many

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temporaneous stimuH afford the basis for judgments as to their

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